How to Decide... for Yourself

(and finally take control of your life)

How do you KNOW you're making the right choice? 

Are you overwhelmed by the constant stream of advice?


Do you feel pulled in five different directions? 


In this modern age, we're drowning in information and advice - what to wear, where to work, what to buy, even what a "successful" life looks like - and it's a problem. All this generic advice may not have your best interest at heart.


How can you create the unique life you desire following some generic blueprint? You can't. You'll end up with a generic result. An ordinary career or a life you hate. 


But there's a better way - a way that will give you the peace of mind you are looking for.

Learning to decide for yourself is the key

Learning to make your own decisions will give you the power and confidence to listen objectively even to persuasive advice - take what's useful - and make your own decision, knowing with certainty that you've made the right choice. 


What's even better news. It's a skill you can learn. I'd love to show you how. 


I've created a highly accessible self-study course designed to teach you to decide with confidence. 


And I'm going to make a distinction right here between the type of decision that’s really just “doing what you are told to do by experts” and actually making a decision independently.


They can look the same on the outside, but the results are vastly different. Unless you are making independent decisions, you can't create a career, a relationship, or a life you completely love. 




It’s the difference between being a leader or a follower.


If you want to be the master of your own ship and life,

join in my new 6-week self-study course 

How to Decide for Yourself

What We'll Cover


  • How to be confident you've made the right decision. 

  • The most powerful drivers of your behavior.

  • How the human decision-making mind works.

  • Why your current decisions may not be returning the results you want.

  • How to get your mind and emotions on board with your decision. 

  • The most important tool you need when making any decision.

  • And the one decision you need to make if you want to ensure you meet your goal.

What's special about this class

This isn't a boring six-week lecture series with an exam at the end. 



This is a skill you'll use every day for the rest of your life. And I want deciding for yourself to become second nature as quickly as possible, so I've included some special features to help speed up the process. 


  • One-click audio format delivered in a continuous 20-minute mp3 file once a week, so you can listen anytime it fits it into your schedule. 

  • Full transcripts delivered with each audio in case reading is your thing.

  • Daily mental prompts delivered via email each day to your inbox.

  • mid-week check-in emailed to you each week to help you stay on track. 

  • Full email access to me to answer questions and keep you moving forward.

  • Weekly practice exercises - easy daily exercises designed to build the habit of making your own decisions. 

Course Overview



Why emotions are a major factor in good decisions and how to be in charge of them so they stop running (and ruining) the show.



The seven most common instincts you need to be aware of and how to notice when they are running your life. 



Why your patterns of thought keep you swirling in indecision, and how to choose and ingrain the thoughts that drive you where you want to go.  



What your personal navigation system is, how it operates, and how to learn to master your own inner compass. 



The top decision-making problems, how to work around them, and how to deciding on the end-game result.



How to ensure your decisions become your reality without destroying your life, ruining your health, or ending up in burn out. 

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About Me

Shannon L. Post

I can help you discover a path you'll love for a lifetime. My new course "How to Decide for Yourself"is born from my study of human performance and instinct and my intense work with private clients.

My wide professional experience makes me a unique resource for real-world industry advice - I'm someone who's been there. In the music industry, I sang regularly with the New York Philharmonic. At Goldman Sachs on Wall Street, I worked in the investment banking technology sector. In Alaska, I trained competitive Iditarod teams for a top musher and I was the youngest and first female CIO over technology.

I've received top honors at the University of Montana and studied at the University of Virginia and Stanford University. I'm certified by Kathy Kolbe, a leading authority on human instinct, and Dr. Martha Beck, a Harvard educated sociologist specializing in human behavior.

These days I live in rural Alaska, disrupting the myth that you can't live your dream, do what you love, and still lead change.

What People Are Saying 

Kayti - Aspenyarrow.jpg

Singer - Aspenyarrow

Kayti Heller

Working with Shannon helped in many ways. 1) Gave me a new mindset that I now carry with me into all situations. 2) Gave me the knowledge that everyone struggles with doing what they love ­ everyone is afraid, no one thinks they’re good enough all the time, etc. ­ so just because I struggle doesn’t mean I shouldn’t keep trying. 3) Helped to keep me accountable to my dreams.


President of Deep-Tree

Peter House

I believe 100% that this is a really good investment and the time is really crucial. It is the best investment that I make both from a business perspective and a personal perspective. I can trace a direct line of correlation between the amount of money I invoice and the work that we do here.

Don't waste another year trying to figure it out alone!

Claim this year as your year and take control of your future! 

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When you've Completed the course you'll be able to:
  • Sail easily through the sea of advice you've been given in order to make the choices that are truly best for you.
  • Become the master of your own future
  • Decide on a career or life path that is fulfilling and in alignment with who you really are! 
  • Trust your gut! Make a decision and never have to face the regret or remorse of choices made for the wrong reasons. 
  • Listen to your heart and proceed with confidence.
  • Visualize the life you want and go after it!

Harness the power of your own emotions

develop your personal navigation system

gain a keen awareness  

of your instincts

Make decisions with confidence

Become the master of your thought

take control of your future

It's not going to get any easier.

You're always going to be confronted by tough decisions and well-meaning loved ones full of unsolicited advice. 

Now is the Time to Cut Through the Confusion and Learn How to Decide for Yourself! 

If you're ready to be the master of your own ship and life, register now for my new 6-week self-study course 

Still have questions?

Marilyn McCoy

Professor, Author & Mahler Historian

"Our work together has led to an explosion of understanding of what I want to accomplish in the world and in my life. I am more alert, awake, and aware especially of myself."


Financial Analyst

I feel I have a better awareness of my OWN strength’s and how I operate. I’m also able to identify other’s strength’s which makes it easier for me to communicate with them. I don’t waste time on trying to force myself to learn or complete things in a fashion that is difficult for me.

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