Interview Secrets

The Secrets to Landing

the Perfect-fit Job

Do you wish you could get through a job interview and not lie about who you are?


Are you ready to take command of your future and stop taking what comes? 


Do you know how to use an interview process to help your make the right decision? 

I wrote this guide just for you

  • The top 7 things you need to know BEFORE schedule the interview​​

  • How to manage your mindset so that you're ready to play your A-Game

  • My personal interview tips from years spent on the other side of the desk

  • How to evaluate the role and workplace to see if it's the right fit for you

You'll Learn

Why This Guide is Different

I've held a lot of positions over the last 30 years, most in leadership. One of the main responsibilities a leader has is interviewing and hiring the right people.


There are secrets I've learned sitting on the other side of the desk you just can't get anywhere else.


I'll give you the behind-the-curtain view of how interviewers see you, so you can land any job you want.

I've interviewed and hired for all kinds of companies and positions.


Technology professionals, dog handlers, administrative assistants, geospatial professionals, janitorial staff, directors, designers, professors, accountants, instructors, and more.


I've worked behind-the-scenes on major Broadway musical auditions (think huge cattle calls with 1,000's of singers) and I've judged a ton of musical competitions.


Because of my natural talent for putting the right people in the right seats, I'm still a sounding board for leaders who are building high-performing teams.


I’ve watched a lot of people trying to get an offer - and I've watched as many people accidentally destroy their chance of getting their dream job


I want to help you avoid that kind of failure.


My industry experience is completely diverse, so no matter what role you're interviewing for, no matter what kind of adventure you are seeking, I can help you up your interview game.

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Working with Shannon helped in many ways.

  1. Gave me a new mindset that I now carry with me into all situations.

  2. Gave me the knowledge that everyone struggles with doing what they love, everyone is afraid, no one thinks they’re good enough all the time, etc. ­So just because I struggle doesn’t mean I shouldn’t keep trying.

  3. Helped to keep me accountable to my dreams.


Kayti Heller

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