How to Survive if it IS a "Journey"

So if life really is a journey - and there's no "done" - no end - no fixed - no perfect... now what?

First, let's breakdown the problem with the 'done' fantasy.

The problem is that it puts you in a position of weakness.

It's an old trap of when-then.

When you [fill in your current goal] then you'll be successful, then you'll feel powerful, then you'll get the respect you deserve, but only if you meet that condition, which may not be entirely within your control.

And you'll stay in the trap because there's always another when-then around the corner.

Unless you opt out of the game.

Which will force you to make a choice.

Let's look at an example.

If you give up the idea that when you solve all your childhood issues, then you'll be happy, a brutal truth will hit you in the face.

Either you're never going to be happy - or you're going to have to learn to be happy right now, despite your childhood.

Your choice.

The truth is, you're never going to solve ALL of your family problems, your money problems, your weight problems, your relationship problems, your control issues, or whatever else you think is wrong in your life.

And don't let your brain fool you into thinking some people don't have problems.

Everyone does.

If you choose to believe that you'll be happy or successful when all your problems are solved/fixed/done you're choosing the path to constant disappointment, failure, and weakness.

Your problems in life aren't the reason you're unhappy.

Your ability to control and focus your mind is.

The most successful leaders don't have flawless teams and perfect funding, they've learned to focus on the positive more than the shit.

They've learned to be successful regardless of the circumstances.

I'm not perfect at this (remember there's no perfect), but I do have a simple, reliable technique that gets me back into a positive mental state quickly.

It's the first tool I teach all of my private clients, and I'd love for you to have it.

I've recorded the technique so you can learn it in real time, and I've written it into a 7-day hand-delivered training so you understand:

  • The practical (and not personal) reason your mind focuses on problems

  • The one, free tool you always have with you that can put you in the mental driver's seat

  • The mechanics most people don't know about creating long-term mental focus Why your brain will resist this change and what to do about it

  • Learning to be happy regardless of the circumstance IS the way to not just survive this long journey, but really thrive along the way.

It's a simple skill anyone can learn.

You can check it out here.

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