Leave Something Behind

I feel the bottom dropping out from under me.

I need to sign off on this project, but I am having a hard time letting this old friend go. It’s been the beacon keeping me moving forward long past when I had planned to leave this 'good' job.

When I agreed to this longshot there were a lot of naysayers. “This is dumb." "It can't possibly succeed." "It's gonna ruin your career." And I favorite, "We strongly advise you to abandon the effort."

I’ll admit, it did look impossible. The fledgling project was more than $2 million dollars short and the start date was four months away. But if we could pull it off, it would change the course of events in our area forever.

And now, several years later, I am signing the page proving that we beat the odds. Proving that sometimes the impossible is possible.

During these last years, I pushed for the highest potential. With the close of this era, not only am I sad to see it end, but I can no longer tune out a gnawing feeling. I will never achieve my own potential if I stay in the quasi-safety of this office.

I go for a walk by the river at lunch to clear my head. I can’t shake it off and it scares me because I don’t know what next. But what message do I send myself if I’m too scared to step out into the unknown?

This lesson is simple.


When you take the risk and reach for your own personal best, you create an opportunity for yourself, and for those around you to do the same. How many people can you name with a career that engages their soul and their mind and that brings out the very best they have to offer?

...lead by example

I don’t think it’s the default path for most students today as they leave high school. Few even realize it’s on the table.

Imagine providing your children with opportunities.

Not just Ivy League educations and trips to France for ballet lessons, but the possibility of a career that isn’t drudgery. A career that excites them and uncovers abilities they didn’t realize they held.

What are your children’s best gifts? (Not their best workplace skills, their natural gifts.) What lights them up? What do they do whether they are paid or not?

What if you could provide the door for those gifts to turn into their life’s work? An opportunity for them to realize their own unique potential.

You have a chance to show them how.

You just have to do it yourself and lead by example.

You have what it takes to open this door for them.​​​​​​