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What to Do if You Hate Your Job, but You Can't Leave?

A lot of you are just finishing up a week of work. If the Gallop statistics are correct, most of you didn't enjoy the 40+ hours you spent there. Maybe you're asking yourself why you're in a job you hate? I have an answer for you. It's because your honorable. It's not because you're stupid or lazy. It's because there are bills to pay, mouths to feed. Good men and women pay the bills, no matter what. But it doesn't have to be that way forever. There's a path to finding a job you love (or that you like, or that doesn't just suck the life out of you) WHILE staying in a job you dislike. Here's the first step. Change your perspective. Decide that this job isn't forever, it's temporary, and it's okay to be here. Second, use the experience.

This job is giving you valuable information about what you don't like and what you do. Use the time you used to spend complaining and notice the aspects of the job you like and what you don't.

Change your perspective.

Maybe you like the coffee pot, or the hours, or the people, or the paycheck. Maybe you just like being out of the house each day. The journey to a job you love starts in your mind.

You can start right now.

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