You Do NOT Need Another Degree

I just need another degree... THEN I'll be ready.⁣

EXCEPT... you already have 4 degrees, 5 certifications, and 2 awards.⁣

Can we sit down so I can tell you something?⁣

You may not realize what's happening, because a lot of people say you need their certification.⁣

Now, certs aren't bad or wrong. But I want you to realize WHAT THEY ARE - and WHAT THEY AREN'T.⁣

They ARE NOT proof of your personal or professional worth.⁣

No amount of gold stars, badges, tassels, awards, or pins will ever make you feel like you are enough or worthy. That's not their job.⁣

Certifications and diplomas aren't for YOU. They are for US.⁣

It's marketing - the trust part. (I talk about that more in my guide here.) Your degree just lets me know that you've completed a course and passed the exam. It makes me feel safe to hire you or work with you.⁣

It calms my inner cavegirl, Janet, because she believes that piece of stiff, cream paper means everything is going to work out.⁣

But that's all it is.⁣

And after a couple of them, the return on investment diminishes sharply. I don't need you to have 5 degrees.⁣

I need you to be great.⁣

Your excellence in your field cannot be measured by a degree or award. I know too many highly certified people that can't coach, or ride, or build, or teach their way out of a paper bag. They just haven't put in the 10,000 hours out there in the real world. They haven't honed their craft.⁣

Certifications and diplomas aren't for YOU. They are for US.⁣

If you're considering spending money on another degree, you owe it to yourself and your checkbook to decide what's really going on.⁣

Is this a place to hide? Do you need to get into the messy workforce and get some experience? Do you need to pull the pin on that imperfect business idea?⁣

Or do you need to sit down and figure out what you really want?⁣

Only you know the truth, but if you think another degree or certification is the answer, I'm going to offer a challenge. Take a moment now and google five highly successful people who don't have any kind of degree and prove to yourself that you don't need a degree to start your journey.