You Hold Yourself Back

I recently implemented a “Better Than Nothing” workout. I’m a 10 in Quick Start on the Kolbe A Index which means I’m GREAT at getting things started, doing the impossible and reaching for the gold. But to be honest, sometimes I struggle with the daily details that make life work.

I'm okay with this part of my wiring, and I don't let myself use it as an excuse to not get things done. It just means I have to find creative solutions for things that have to happen every day.

One of my recent solutions was to try an experiment. I implemented a ridiculously easy (lazy) BTN daily workout to try to stop the continuous cycle of athletic injuries I was encountering.

This BTN workout has produced results beyond my wildest expectations. As a bonus, and with very little effort, I lost 10 pounds I put on working in a cubicle.

So I cleaned out my closet and dumped everything that was too big. And then I thought, holy crap I should rethink continuing this program because none of my clothes will fit.

And you know what happened? I stalled at that size. I stayed there until I realized how I was holding myself back.

As I stood at my kitchen window watching a woodpecker the size of cat teetering on my tiny little bird feeder, it dawned on me. I’m telling myself not to be strong, not to feel better and not to extend my lifespan because I’ll have to replace my wardrobe.

How dumb.

But we all do this from time to time.

We create false barriers.

Barriers help us feel safe, but they also keep us from our bigger goals.

I was telling myself that I didn't have time to replace my wardrobe, I hate shopping and it would be expensive. And even though those things are true, they're still a smoke screen. Those are all solvable 1st world problems. Not one of them is a real reason I shouldn’t continue the BTN miracle.

Now I'm curious about you.

Where in your career do you throw up false barriers? Maybe you have one of these stories, "I'm not good with technology," "I'm introverted," "I can't afford it," or "I've tried before and it didn't work."

We create false barriers.

What reason do you give for not asking for that raise you deserve, or for not proposing that project that is so risky, but has so much potential?

There are proven ways you can learn to deconstruct these false barriers and keep on track to your bigger goals.

You owe it to yourself to let go of your false barriers and reach for what you want most.

Here's to your biggest dreams and career successes.