Are You in the Wrong Job?

Maybe. But how do you know?

If you didn't use the Order of Operations, you may very well be in the wrong job.⁣

Remember the "order of operations" from math class? The rules about what you have to do first to get an accurate answer?⁣

It's everywhere.⁣

Seasons - fall, winter, summer, spring.⁣

Flying - takeoff, flying, land.⁣

Building a house - foundation, walls, roof.⁣

Gasing up your car - find gas station, find credit card, open gas tank.⁣

You get the picture.⁣

There's a natural order to most things we do.⁣

The same is true in figuring out the next step in your career.⁣

To get the right answer, you need to figure things out in the right order.⁣

The first is WHO YOU ARE - like what are your strengths.⁣

The second is WHAT YOU WANT.⁣

As a culture, we choose careers randomly.⁣

We figure out what the market wants, what our parents or spouse wants, or what will make us the most money - and often never consider who we are or what we want.⁣

This random order results in a random, inaccurate result.⁣

It might look like you at 36, pivoting your career, because you're making a lot of money, but you hate your job. Or you love it, but it doesn't make enough money. Or you're good at it, but it's meaningless.⁣

Every combination of answers except the right one.⁣

You in a job you love, making good money, full of vitality and having a ball exploring the world.⁣

If you're stuck at a career crossroad - go back to square one.⁣

Do the groundwork and figure out your strengths, especially the inborn ones.⁣

Next, figure out what you want.⁣

You in a job you love, making good money, full of vitality and having a ball exploring the world.⁣

ONLY THEN consider all the other factors. (Which are important, they just come later.)⁣

If you'd like the simple, step-by-step process that helped me find the work I love and create my wild, Alaskan life - I'd love to help you. ⁣

If it's possible for me, it's possible for you.⁣

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