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lead·er  /ˈlēdər/  noun​: 

a person willing to put plans & actions into effect

Hey there!

I'm Shannon,

an executive coach, career strategist & mentor

...but not your conventional, blue suit wearing, golf playing,


executive coach. 

This is a NEW era of leadership.

Our future is in the hands of the next generation.


It's time for you to step up and join the next generation of

disruptive leaders

in·no·vate  /ˈinəˌvāt/  verb​: 

to make change : to do something in a new way

dis·rupt  /disˈrəpt/  verb​: 

to drastically alter the structure of something

If you're ready to step up & challenge the status quo...


If you know there's has to be a better way...


If you're ready to step up to

be part of the new era of leadership...


You are in the right place...

"If you have a dream or don’t have a dream but want to find out what your dream is, I would highly recommend her."

"Our work together has led to an explosion of understanding of what I want to accomplish in the world and in my life. I am more alert, awake, and aware especially of myself."

"Once, I didn't know anything. I had the script. I was an ascendant manager. In line for an executive position. But the script was a lie. It didn't fit. I couldn't give two shits about what lay ahead. It was someone else's life. My fire inside lay hidden from view, including my own. By working with Shannon, not only did I discover my fire but I kicked the bottle over and let it spread like wildfire. Like Greek fire."

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& FREE audio guide 

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