Is it time to do the work you were put here to do?

Do you need to get clarity on your natural talents?

Does your work need more meaning?

If you want to be 100% certain you're making the right decision...

Join me for a 5-week series that will help you

unlock your hidden genius

and find work you'll love for a lifetime.

"I've been helping people find their authentic path for nearly a decade. And I'm positive I can help you find yours."

- Shannon L. Post, Executive Coach, Leadership & Career Mentor

Before we begin,

I want you to know two things...

#1 You Aren't Alone

Finding the Right Path feels Confusing for everyone

(No matter what they tell you)

#2 You Can Figure This Out

everyone is capable of finding their true path

(No matter what people tell you)

So Let's Dive In

Here's What We'll Unpack


  • How to reveal your inborn strengths (the talents that are effortless)

  • What to do if you don't have a "passion"

  • How to be certain you're choosing the best work for you

  • Why aligning with your strengths is crucial if you want to work for yourself

  • How to forecast your success and happiness in a job before you apply

  • Why the skills outside your degree & certifications are a key to your success

  • What to do if you can't just walk away from a job to start something new

And the most important decision you need to make to

be happy at work for the rest of your life.

I'll answer all of these questions and more... 

What's special about this class


Well, it's not a boring lecture series with an exam at the end. 



This is an investment in the rest of your life. It's crucial knowledge that you can't unlearn. And because I want you to be able to absorb the content quickly and take action as soon as possible, I've included some special features to help speed up the process. You'll receive:


  • Weekly exercises designed to reveal your natural strengths 

  • mid-week email check-in from me to help you stay on track 

  • Daily mental prompts delivered to your inbox every day

  • Full email access to me to answer questions & keep you moving forward

  • Lifetime access to the course (a massive new update is in the works!)

Week-by-Week Overview


off the beaten path

Your preferences, passions and values.

- - 
They matter more than you realize and are a
 key ingredient to creating sustainable success and fulfillment.


You can't fight nature

Your inborn strengths.

- -

This is a powerhouse week - we'll dive deep into your instincts to reveal your hidden superpowers.


What about school?

The proper role of your education and training.

- -

I promise, it's not what you think.

Plus, the formula to avoid burnout, frustration, and unnecessary student loans.


What's trending?

Your trends, patterns, and stacking.

- -

There are themes running through your life that you can't see. This week reveals a sought-after secret...

how to get paid for who you are.


unleash the genius

Bringing it all together.

- -

This is the magic week.  We'll illuminate the core of your unique genius, so you can find work that inspires you & gain momentum toward your dreams.


The New Update has

7 more weeks!

More content!

- -

I'm so excited to finally be able to offer the full experience online. 

Why You Need a Class

As humans, even if we KNOW what to do intellectually, we often don't DO what we know to do. 

A class takes advantage of our mirror neurons and helps us speed up learning.  


When you know another human being is doing what you want to do, your brain accepts it as something a human can live through (the only thing our survival instinct cares about).


There's also a primal power in a group of people who have your back and encourage you to reach for your dreams. 

It's the best hack to counteract the survival instinct that lures you to stay where you are, self-sabotage, and repeat old patterns over and over again. 

There's power in community, the momentum of daily work, and an instructor
who holds you accountable with fun and compassion.

This class will create the container of support you've been seeking - support to go outside of your comfort zone and reach for more.

If you want to fast track your results with less effort, this class is an excellent choice. 

What People Say

Like Greek Fire

"By working with Shannon, not only did I discover my fire but I kicked the bottle over and let it spread like wildfire. Like Greek fire." - P.H.



"I would definitely recommend this to others. I have already. I believe this is such an eye opener to keying in on people's strengths and struggles that it really has helped me to understand that it’s not necessarily someone’s intention for the things they do but it’s just their... nature. - J.N.

Not Conventional

"You're not a conventional coach/counselor/advisor and that's awesome because traditional, weirdly, has not worked for me. " - M.W. 

What You'll Walk Away With

An understanding of your strengths & a long-term focus. 

A long-term view of your future path and strengths is infinitely more valuable than someone pigeon-holing you into a specific industry or job like bookkeeper, IT tech, or carpenter."


Because economies change.


Technology changes. Personal circumstances change. Everything changes.

And a deep understanding of yourself and what you're best at will help you to adapt to the changing landscape

Career shifts (that WILL happen) will no longer be overwhelming, because

you'll know the core of your strengths and how to apply it to whatever market you're in


Shannon will help you discover your life's work.

She works as an executive coach, leadership & career mentor empowering the next generation of disruptive leaders.


Her work was born out of her 20+ years of leadership experience, a study of personal development, human instincts, high-performing teams, She has a natural talent for finding a diamond in the rough and bringing it into full manifestation.

Her professional experience makes her a unique resource for real-world industry advice - she's someone who's been there. In the music industry, she sang regularly with the New York Philharmonic. She started her technology career at Goldman Sachs on Wall Street and  in Alaska, she trained competitive Iditarod teams for a top musher. She went on to be the youngest and first female CIO over technology, reshaping a broken department and shepherding the largest LIDAR and ortho-rectified geospatial imagery project in the borough's history. 

She's received top honors at the University of Montana and studied at the University of Virginia and Stanford University. She's been certified by Kathy Kolbe, a leading authority on human instinct, and Dr. Martha Beck, a Harvard educated sociologist specializing in human behavior.

What We Won't Cover
  • Resumes  & cover letters (you can google that).

  • Interview skills (but I will send you a pdf guide as a bonus).

  • Magic pills, instant fixes, and winning lottery ticket strategies.

  • Old school, stuffy, blue suit & tie "professionalism" (also, if you're highly offended by the word "bummer," we aren't a fit.) However, the elements of modern professionalism - authenticity, kindness, openness, and trustworthiness - will come up.

More Praise
Kayti - Aspenyarrow.jpg

Kayti Heller

Singer - Aspenyarrow

Working with Shannon helped in many ways. 1) Gave me a new mindset that I now carry with me into all situations. 2) Gave me the knowledge that everyone struggles with doing what they love ­ everyone is afraid, no one thinks they’re good enough all the time, etc. ­ so just because I struggle doesn’t mean I shouldn’t keep trying. 3) Helped to keep me accountable to my dreams.

PHouse climbing_edited.jpg

Peter House

President of Deep-Tree

I believe 100% that this is a really good investment and the time is really crucial.


It is the best investment that I make both from a business perspective and a personal perspective. I can trace a direct line of correlation between the amount of money I invoice and the work that we do here.


Marilyn McCoy

Professor, Author & Mahler Historian

"Our work together has led to an explosion of understanding of what I want to accomplish in the world and in my life.


I am more alert, awake, and aware especially of myself."

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