Do you keep choosing jobs that seem great in the beginning, but land you in burnout over and over?

You need to make a change, but the idea of starting yet another career, just to end up hating it in a couple of years, makes you want to give up altogether.

You know you're excellent at what you do, but you're working way too hard to pull it off. What you're doing isn't sustainable. You can't just "dig deep" anymore.

 You just need to find work that comes more naturally to you and doesn't leave you exhausted every day, but how


If you've followed the "rules" of traditional career
advice just to end up in another soul-sucking job, 
you are in the right place.

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"I’ll help you find a career that comes naturally to you, so you don’t end up in burnout over and over. " ~Shannon L. Post

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Learn how to find work you love from now on.

​What's Included

  • 12-Week course delivered once a week via email

  • Video, audio and transcript delivery to align with your learning preference

  • Weekly exercises delivered in a fillable format to ensure you have a place to work through the concepts and keep track of your answers

  • Mid-week email check-ins to answer your questions 

  • Daily prompts to help you stay focused

  • Email access to ensure you have personalized support

  • Lifetime course access to support you on your journey no matter how long it takes


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Interview Secrets Guide 
Land your dream job without compromising who you are. 
Get insights from my years on the other side of the hiring desk to support your interview process and help you find fulfilling work.


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In a world full of advice, you can waste precious time sifting through endless information. You need someone who can hear the nuance of your circumstance, help you map out a plan, and give you the confidence you need to take that next step. This 1-hour session is normally $397.


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every day - for the rest of your career.

What People Say About Working With Me

Candice Blacknall, MD

Founder at GABA Inc.

"Your personality is so warm and supportive. It was the perfect environment for me to ask questions and express personal doubts. It was also the perfect way to turn my Kolbe results into actionable changes.


Megan Wildhood

Author, Editor & Writing Coach

"You're not a conventional coach/counselor/advisor and that's awesome because traditional, weirdly, has not worked for this erstwhile rule follower.

I cannot speak more highly of your integrity, rye wit, intuitive eye and efficacy in validating the humanness of the struggle to identify one’s work in the world."



"I think that, most likely, I would've given up on my dream career had it not been for the work we did.


If you're struggling, I want you to know two things...

#1 You Aren't Alone

Finding the Right Path Feels Confusing  for Everyone (Regardless of what their Instagram says)

#2 You Can Figure This Out

Everyone is capable of finding their true path. Alaskan winter mushing with a 12-dog team.
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Here's What We'll Unpack

+ How to reveal your inborn strengths (your talents that are effortless)

+ What to do if you don't have a "passion"

+ How to be confident you're choosing the best work for you

+ How to forecast your level of success in a job before you apply

And the most important decision you need to make to enjoy work for the rest of your life.

I'll answer all of these questions and more.

You are not the problem.

You live in a society that values conformity, and doesn’t teach you to listen and to trust yourself.

I promise you that no matter how lost you feel, how disconnected you are from your own desires, you can discover what you really want to do.

I’m here to help you, no matter how long it takes.

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Career decisions can feel overwhelming!

So we'll break it down. We'll walk step-by-step from: 

  • "I don't know what to do!?!"
  • Through your foundation 
  • To a manageable decision-making process
  • Into a written career plan
  • Complete with actions steps
  • So you'll know what to do every step of the way

Here's the Plan

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What's so special about this course

First, I'm not going to throw information at you and exit stage left.

Change takes time & I'm here with you for as long as it takes to find fulfilling work.

This is knowledge you'll use forever. Knowledge you cannot unlearn. 

But I also want you feel ready to take action as soon as possible, so I've included:

  • Weekly exercises to ensure you have a place to work through the concepts

  • Mid-week email check-ins to answer your questions 

  • Daily prompts to help you stay focused

  • Email access to me to ensure you have personalized support

  • Lifetime membership


Why You Need a Course

A course takes advantage of our natural brain wiring and helps speed up learning.

As humans, even if we KNOW what to do intellectually, we often don't DO what we know to do. 

Change is uncomfortable. It's easy to get distracted by all things "life." Having a structure and daily reminders helps your stay on track automatically. And that's important because consistency is part of the formula for ensuring your career goals turns into your real-life reality.

Having support makes it more likely that you'll continue through the very normal discomfort that comes with change and be able to reach for your goals. 

A course also streamlines your education. There are no awards for starting from scratch or reinventing the wheel. You may need to reinvent your career, but you don't need to create the process for figuring out what your path is. The shortcuts in this course will save you decades of trial and error.  

Add to all of this my constant encouragement to reach for your dreams long after everyone else has left the theater.

A course is one of the best hacks there is to accelerate your learning and address your unconscious drive to remain in a state of homeostasis - stuck in"safe" mode repeating old patterns that you know don’t work.

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What You'll Walk Away With

The confidence to know you're choosing a job that is sustainable and won't burn you out
An ability to understand and clearly articulate your natural strengths 
A long-term view of your overall career path

Why it Matters

Because economies change.

Technology changes. Personal circumstances change.

Everything in the world around you changes.

But your natural strengths don't change.

This is a Long-term Solution

A deep understanding of yourself and what you do best will help you to adapt to the economic landscape that’s changing faster every day. 

Your inborn talents are the solid foundation you can build on year after year.

They are the bedrock you need to build a long lasting career.

Career shifts (which WILL happen) will no longer feel overwhelming because you'll know your core strengths and how to apply them to whatever market you're in. 

What We Won't Cover

  • Resumes & cover letters (I can refer you to amazing experts)
  • Interview skills (but I will send you a how-to guide)
  • Magic pills, instant fixes, and winning lottery ticket strategies
  • Old school, stuffy, blue suit & tie "professionalism" (also, if you're highly offended by the word "darn," or worse, we aren't a fit). However, the elements of modern professionalism — authenticity, integrity, respect, kindness, inclusion, openness and trustworthiness - will come up.
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I’m Shannon Post and I’m a career coach—but not the conventional blue-suit-and-tie type. I believe finding the work you love is an act of rebellion that will change the world.

What I know is, if you hate your job right now, it isn’t your fault. We live in a culture that depends on people believing work is supposed to suck. The good news is you have the power to change that. This is a skill you can learn.

I can also tell you that you're not alone. I searched for the work I was meant to do for well over a decade. I’ve had crappy minimum wage jobs and what on paper were “dream jobs.”  I was a professional classical singer performing on the most famous stages in New York City. I was a dog musher for a prominent Iditarod racer in Alaska. And I was a CIO and top senior IT executive leading teams in technology and mapping.

In each case where I had “made it” in society’s eyes, I was miserable. None of the jobs felt like me. 

I wasn’t fulfilled, I wasn’t fully using my natural talents (mostly because I didn’t understand what they were) and I wasn’t making the kind of impact I wanted to make in my world.

I’d tried to find the perfect career so many times without success that I thought something was seriously wrong with me. Like maybe I wasn’t allowed to have a career I loved and felt passionate about, or maybe having a career I was naturally good at was just a pipe dream.

If you can relate, you need to know that it’s not you. It’s the box you were trained by society to try to fit yourself into. That box, the traditional career path, doesn’t work for everyone—and that’s okay. There is fulfilling work out there that fits you & your personality like a glove. And it’s my goal to help you find it.

After working with private clients for several years, I wanted to create a more affordable way to get help. Discover What You Were Born To Do® is a 12-week course where I work intimately with you to help you find a career path that not only fits your financial needs but also celebrates your talents, lifestyle, and desire to make an impact.

My work is informed by my own experience building careers in vastly different industries, over twenty years supervising, managing, leading, and mentoring employees, continuing education and my studies at the University of Montana, the University of Virginia, and Stanford University. 

But the thing I’m most proud of is that, against all odds, the life I have now is the dream I had long ago. Alaska. Based in Talkeetna under the shadow of Denali and the Alaska Range. The ability to make an impact in people’s lives & improve the world around me. Alaska is breathtaking, and I am indebted to the Denaʼina & Ahtna people and their traditional territory where I now get to live & work.

I’m an INFP and my Kolbe index is 3-2-10-4. So I’m an introverted, empathic, innovative disruptor. I’ve been certified as a coach by Kathy Kolbe, a leading authority on human instinct, and Dr. Martha Beck, a Harvard-educated sociologist specializing in human behavior. 

I had a boss who said my results always broke the barriers of what he thought was possible and changed the world. He wasn’t wrong. 

Now I want to break the barriers of what you think is possible and help you change your world and the world of everyone around you.


More Praise

Diane Ziegner

Yoga Teacher & Owner at Studio Z Yoga

"This work has made me braver in putting myself out into the world as a yoga teacher. It’s helped me work more directly with my personal strengths and weaknesses. Even though I know myself fairly well, I didn’t see how I was holding myself back."

Peter House

President of Deeptree

"By working with Shannon, not only did I discover my fire but I kicked the bottle over and let it spread like wildfire. Like Greek fire."



Marilyn McCoy

Professor, Author & Mahler Historian

"Our work together has led to an explosion of understanding of what I want to accomplish in the world and in my life. I am more alert, awake, and aware, especially of myself."


Still Reading?

If you're still here, there's a reason. I trust you and I think you should too.

Is there a message your inner knowing is trying to get through to you?

This is an investment in how you're going to feel every day - for the rest of your life.

If you're still on the fence, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What could you do if you weren't in a job that drained you?

  2. What is your job really costing you?

  3. How much time do you spend coping, recovering, complaining, escaping, and wasting your precious time and talents?

There's never going to be a perfect time.

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Still have that one lingering question? I've got you.

Email me now at [email protected] or let's hop on a quick call.

"I think that, most likely, I would've given up on my dream career had it not been for the work we did."
- Aspenyarrow, Singer-Songwriter