Your Boss Can't Make You Happy

This is a gentle reminder.


  • Getting promoted - will not solve your problems.

  • Leaving your job - won't bring you freedom.

  • Your boss retiring - won't solve your anger.

  • Opening your own business - won't magically make you a better leader, partner, or parent.

  • That raise?

Oh, you may feel the "good feeling" for a moment...

...but it won't last.

If you rely on external circumstances to determine how you feel, the good feelings will always be temporary.

To find long lasting contentment and satisfaction in your job, you must DECIDE.

You must decide to be content, satisfied, powerful, or whatever feeling you want.

You must choose how you want to feel in each moment.

What's the core feeling you want to feel?

Powerful? Respected? Content? Satisfied?

Something else?

It's a decision only you can make.

Take time this week and jot down how you want to feel. This small decision might change your life.

Warmly, Shannon