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Career Soup is a podcast exploring why traditional career advice doesn’t work for everyone, especially artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, neurodivergent, free-spirited, and other non-conformists, and what to do instead.

If you can’t stomach the idea of climbing one more rung on the cold corporate ladder, or if your resume looks like you threw it in a blender, join career coach and mentor, Shannon Post. 

Shannon has tested the career myths, worked in industries from professional music to mushing to technology and tons in between. Gone from New York City to Alaska. Filled the roles of employee, manager, executive, and business owner. Other people talk about life transitions. She has made it an art. 

She’ll give you more than empty grind culture hype or the platitudes of just believing in yourself. You’ll dig deep into why standard job tips fall flat, and what you can do to actually achieve your dreams.

Why it takes more than a positive mindset or passion. Why working harder and hustle mantras won’t solve your problem long-term. As well as ongoing support while you figure out what your natural talents are (once and for all), and ideas on how to transform your gig-hopping employment history into a sustainable way to live without burning out. 

Each week, listen in, get encouragement through the struggle, and learn how to find a fulfilling career that celebrates who you are and amplifies your strengths. Remember, finding the work you love is an act of rebellion that can change the world. 


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"I think that, most likely, I would've given up on my dream career had it not been for the work we did."
- Aspenyarrow - Singer-Songwriter