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The VIP Experience

Take your experience to a whole new level.


I've done my best to give clients the most intimate experience possible with my online teaching, but nothing compares to in-the-moment insight, feedback and care that you get with private coaching session. 

In this model, we'll follow the online format and meet virtually once a week to go in depth into the material, personalize it to you, and help you apply it to your specific situation.

I know you can make the changes you seek.

I've been helping people find their authentic path for over a decade and I'm positive I can help you find yours.

​What's Included 

  • 14 weekly private VIP coaching calls

  • Kolbe A™ Index to help you see your inborn strengths

  • 12-Week video course delivered once a week via email

  • Daily mental prompts to help you stay focused

  • Mid-week email check-ins to answer your questions 

  • Weekly exercises delivered in a fillable format to ensure you have a place to work through the concepts and keep track of your answers

  • Email & text access to ensure you have personalized support

  • Video, transcript and audio delivery to align with your learning preference

  • Lifetime membership to support you on your journey no matter how long it takes


Interview Secrets Guide
Insights from my years on the other side of the hiring desk to support your interview process as you find more fulfilling work.

Kolbe A™ Deep Dive
During this 60-min private session, we'll focus on clarifying the innate strengths revealed in your Kolbe A™ Index. You'll walk away not only understanding your strengths, but also how to apply them to your career and your decision-making process.

Additional VIP Coaching Session
Complete all 12 weeks of the course + turn in all homework exercises and receive a 1-hour VIP private coaching session.

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What People Say About Working With Me

Megan Wildhood headshot

Megan Wildhood

Published Author & Social Worker

"You're not a conventional coach/counselor/advisor and that's awesome because traditional, weirdly, has not worked for this erstwhile rule follower."

For the first 20 years of my life, I could not imagine having anything like a career. I didn’t have enough clarity, confidence or self awareness to know where to begin and thought that the despair I felt around work and the nostalgia for childhood (it wasn’t super but I didn’t have to figure out the least miserable way to make ends meet) would just be part of adulting. I couldn’t fully accept the next 50 years being barely worth living while having to work so hard emotionally to get through; true to my nature, I rebelled against that story… which, temporarily made things worse.

Vocational flailing is absurdly painful. This is what I was avoiding by attempting to accept 8-to-5 misery. I would think I’d found The Thing—my passion, as the buzzword goes—and promptly lose all interest as soon as I learned how much effort it would take to become proficient in The Thing. Nothing seemed to work: I had no idea how to find my passion; the things people asked for me weren’t things I liked giving; I didn’t enjoy what people told me I was good at. But, most importantly, I had disavowed the dreams of being a writer I’d had since that childhood I longed so much for: I didn’t think what I wanted was possible, that I could be good enough to do it as well as I wanted (which was, of course, perfectly) or that I was allowed to want to be a writer while the world burns. After all, poetry is not Penicillin.

So, when I was referred to Shannon by a dear friend who had totally transformed in her approach to her own “why should I be allowed to do this?” dream, I signed up for a free call. It became clear on that call pretty quickly that I had found the weirdest career coach ever, and in that moment, I learned what true hope felt like. Much as I want it to, traditional, beaten-path stuff just does not work for me; weird has always been how I roll. And this time was no exception.

I mean, except the transformation in me: that was exceptional. I actually was one of those people who knew what she wanted to do since she was four years old. I simply had taken it as a given that I was not allowed to do it. By the end of my work with Shannon, I had stopped looking for permission from the world to be a writer and started giving huge, heaping helpings of it to myself every day. I stopped apologizing for who and how I am and what I want out of my work life—which is satisfaction, fulfillment and the ability to make a huge impact for good in the world. I got clear about my “ideal slash” (Brené Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection, pg. 116). And I finally got—like in my body—what it feels like to be truly listened to, validated and seen for who I am and what I want while at the same time being challenged to grow out of the comfort nest I’d ensnared myself in. The ability to do both of those things, which requires creating and holding a truly safe (which is not synonymous with “swaddled” or “coddled”) space is but one of Shannon’s superpowers. 

I am now a writer slash social worker slash business creator slash investor because of my work with Shannon. And I know how to add or swap what comes after each slash—a huge feat for someone who does not enjoy flexibility or change once A Plan is in place—when the times come to do so. Not even therapy or the other career coach I worked with got me there.

"I think that, most likely, I would've given up on my dream career had it not been for the work we did."

Before I worked with Shannon, I didn’t think what I wanted to do was possible. I was restraining myself and not allowing myself to tune in to what I wanted. The world felt small to me. I wasn’t allowing myself to figure out what I wanted because I didn’t think I could have it. I had a belief I couldn’t go after what I wanted. I thought I had to wait for things to fall into my lap and I didn’t know that I was allowed to decide. 


When I started working with Shannon, she was still a voice coach. I went to her for what I thought was just voice coaching because I thought I knew on the surface what I wanted, which was to be a singer. I had no plan to get there, though, and didn’t think I could put myself out there to get it. As I sang, she was able to tell when I stepped away from my authentic self and my authentic voice. She would stop me at certain points and ask, “What are you thinking right now?” This made me realize I was not in very good touch with myself. As we worked together, I realized that my problem with singing was not my voice but my beliefs and how I was holding myself back. 


What I first noticed about myself changing as a result of working with Shannon was that I started learning how to listen to and trust myself. I gained confidence that I didn’t have before both in myself and that I could actually have what I wanted. I realized that I can just go do things to get what I wanted. I don’t have to wait for someone to invite me to be in a band; I can start a band and invite other people. I found a sense of empowerment that I had not known before. 


I now have a belief that anything is possible and that it’s very important to figure out what you truly want. That would not have happened without Shannon. I also learned that what I truly want can change as I grow and change. Now I have the skills to recognize and identify it, let go of my picture of how things should go and do the ongoing work of identifying what I truly want. 


Shannon made it safe for me to explore the world. I knew that, no matter what happens, I have this person who can help me figure out what to do with this shitty mess I just made. If something I try doesn't go well, it’s okay. I have this person I can talk it over with. I felt like I could connect with my inner child and that was so good for me because I really needed to connect with that part of me to figure out what I really wanted. I did not feel embarrassed when we did visualization exercises and something “weird” came up. I felt safe to find myself.


Shannon is a calming presence and really creative, relational. She’s more creative than she realizes she is because it’s just how she is. And that is her message for everyone: you don’t know just how awesome you are because your gifts feel like breathing to you.

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