Uncover Your Innate Strengths

with the Kolbe  A

Do You Actively Know Your True Strengths?

Are you fulfilling your potential?

...or do you know that you're more than this? More than what

you're currently doing, but don't know how to make it happen?


Do you know what your strengths and talents are?

...or have you gotten the message that something is wrong with you, you're a loser, defective, lazy, worthless, good-for-nothing, or worse.

If you're like most people, you don't know what you're great at, much less what your gift is.

Or maybe you logically know you have strengths, but they seem ephemeral.


It's the rare person who fully grasps their inborn strengths. Not because it's unknowable - just because it's not widely taught.


You can be one of these rare people.

I specialize in clarity - in helping you identify and harness your unique, instinctive strengths.


Instincts are the oldest, most primal part of your brain. They've been around since the caveman days and it's still the most powerful driver of human behavior. 

Roughly 90% of human behavior is unconsciously directed by our instincts.


If you could learn to harness this most powerful part of yourself, what could you achieve?

Could you...​

  • Get a handle on your mind and emotions?

  • Focus on building your future?

  • Set yourself up to automatically be your best?


The fastest way to succeed, is to spend most of your time in your area of instinctive genius.


My favorite quote is from Peter Drucker. He says to succeed at anything,

you must focus on improving your strengths, not shoring up your weaknesses.


Work in your natural area of strength and you can be a rockstar. Focus your energy improving your weaknesses and you'll have a bunch of strong weaknesses. You'll be mediocre.

There's nothing wrong with you, no matter what you've been told. You're simply misunderstood. Well-meaning people trying to help you, but putting you in a box that's not right for you. 

I use the Kolbe A™ Index to reveal your unique inborn strengths. It's not another set of expectations to live up to, it's a clear picture of the strengths you tell us you have. 


I chose this assessment because it's the only test that clarifies the aspect of you that doesn't change over your lifetime - your inborn instinctive strengths. Most tests evaluate your intelligence, personality, emotional state or social style - all parts of you that will change as you grow and age.


The Kolbe A™ is also a proven method with 40 years of research and results that aren't biased by age, gender, socioeconomic, family, nationality or even genetics. Even identical twins have different conative instincts. It levels the playing field.

Everyone has talent that's worth money, it's just often hidden from view

The Kolbe A™ tells you in black and white, your natural, in born talent. How you get the best results with the least amount of effort.

It's what people see in you and say oh "you're a natural." 

Research shows that your ability to use your inborn instincts is a better predictor of success and happiness at work than any other factor. 

When you do what comes naturally to you, work (and life) is easier and more fulfilling. When you're out of alignment with this instinct, eventually, you'll end up feeling misunderstood, burned out, frustrated, depressed, and undervalued. 

I can help you see how to use your strengths to find a path that was made for you.


My work is highly confidential - your black box. People will wonder what has come over you - and no one ever has to know.

I invite you to uncover the secret waiting inside you.


The secret to your success. 

Alaska Range



The way you naturally gather and share information


Your strength in organizing information and things


Your talent for handling risk and uncertainty


Your gift of handling space and physical objects


You're leaving money on the table.


If you read the "what you'll learn" section and thought, "I don't have a talent in that area," that's exactly what this assessment reveals.


Hey there!

I’m Shannon Post and I’m a career coach—but not your conventional blue-suit-and-tie career coach. I believe loving your work is a rebellion that will change the world.

What I know is, if you hate your job right now, it isn’t your fault. You simply were raised in a culture that didn’t teach you how to find the work you love. The good news is you have the power to change that. This is a skill you can learn.

I can also tell you that you're not alone. I searched for the work I was meant to do for well over a decade. I’ve had what on paper were “dream jobs.”  I was a professional classical singer performing on the most famous stages in New York City. I was a dog musher for a prominent Iditarod racer in Alaska. And I was a top senior IT executive leading technology and geospatial divisions. 

In each case, I had “made it.” I had succeeded in society’s eyes but none of the jobs felt like me. I wasn’t fulfilled, I wasn’t fully using my natural talents (mostly because I didn’t understand what they were) and I wasn’t making the kind of impact I wanted to make in the world.

I’d tried to find the perfect career so many times without success that I thought something was seriously wrong with me. Like maybe I wasn’t allowed to have a career I loved and felt passionate about. Or maybe having a career I was naturally good at was just a pipe dream.

If you can relate, you need to know that it’s not you. It’s the box you’re trying to fit yourself into. That box, the traditional career path, doesn’t work for everyone—and that’s okay. There is fulfilling work out there that fits you and your personality like a glove. And it’s my goal to help you find it.

My work is informed by my experience building careers in vastly different industries as well as my studies at the University of Montana, the University of Virginia, and Stanford University. 

But the thing I’m most proud of is that, against all odds, the life I have now is the dream I had long ago. Alaska. Based in Talkeetna under the shadow of Denali, Sultana and the Alaska Range. The ability to make a tangible impact in people’s daily lives and improve the world around me. Alaska is breathtaking, and I am indebted to the Denaʼina Ełnena [dənʌʔɪnʌ] and their traditional territory where I now get to live and work.

I’m certified by Kathy Kolbe, a leading authority on human instinct, and Dr. Martha Beck, a Harvard-educated sociologist specializing in human behavior. 

I’m an INFP and my Kolbe index is 3-2-10-4. So I’m an introverted, empathic, innovative disruptor. I had a boss who said he never quite knew what I was up to, but the results always broke the barriers of what he thought was possible and changed the world. He wasn’t wrong. 

Now I want to break the barriers of what you think is possible and help you change your world and the world of everyone around you. 

What People Say About Working With Me

Chima Odinkemere.png

​For the first time I have a non-judgemental understanding of my functionality. What I thought, or was taught, was a weakness is actually a strength and has helped me realize the value that I contribute. It's genuinely given me self-confidence. You have no idea how it's positively impacted my life.

This is an experience I wholeheartedly believe that everyone should have. It will help you understand yourself better and grow as a person.

Cory Gumbs.jpeg

What you helped me to see through the Kolbe test was extremely enlightening. It really helped me to understand myself and how my personality intimately coincides with the services I provide.

I think for any entrepreneur this knowledge is an incredible asset to having a higher level of achievement that they could have ever imagined to themselves, prior to having this kind of wisdom.

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Need more information?

If you need to know all the details to feel confident before you dive in, you're in the right place. The Kolbe A was developed with more rigor and has a longer history than most assessments on the market today. 

To learn more, click this link to access all the research and validation of the Kolbe A Index, plus the history of the creator and the company.

You can also email me at: shannon@shannonlpost.com
I want to make sure you feel 100% confident before you step in.

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