Your Next Step

Finding your own path isn't a straight line with signs and arrows. 

You can't just Google it or ask AI.

You aren’t looking for more rules to obey; you're learning how to trust yourself. This takes practice.

As a¬†student¬†of Discover What You Were Born to Do¬ģ, you have a solid foundation.¬†Now¬†it's time¬†to¬†take what you‚Äôve learned¬†and build the life you've envisioned.

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Finding the work you love is an act of rebellion that will change the world. Green cursive text.

Consider how plants grow. They take time and the right environment to flourish.

The new path you've started will require consistent care and tending. It's easy to get distracted by the everyday demands of life. 

But taking "massive" action, rushing the process, or forcing growth often backfires and isn't sustainable long term. I don't want that for you. 

You need support to fully achieve the career dreams you've envisioned.

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Finding the work you love is an act of rebellion that will change the world. Green cursive text.

You need other people.

Fulfilling careers are a long game. You need people who will help hold your vision. You need personal connection with others going through the same work.

People who understand the highs and lows and can help you back up when you doubt yourself, when you hit a wall, or want to give up.

Going it alone is a harmful myth.

I used to doubt the need for community too, but I've learned that going it alone is very S-L-O-W. So slow you may not get there.

You need a community so I created this group especially for you. 

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This is your personal invitation to join the 

 Journey Mentorship Community

‚ÄčWhat's Included

  • Private community¬†portal
  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • Call recording library
  • Community app (like a social media app)
  • Ability to¬†message me directly
  • Challenges to help you create habits and¬†build¬†momentum
  • Ongoing support
Bonus #1‚Äč

Calm on Command
A graduated set of exercises to help you practice regulating your nervous system so you can get calm on command.

Bonus #2

Discover Course Podcast
The Discover course audio content available in a premium private podcast format you can view in any of your usual podcast apps.

Bonus #3

Daily Encouragement Emails
You can choose to receive daily emails, just like you did during the course. You can start your day off right, stay focused, and inspired.

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Maintenance is faster in the long run than starting back at rock bottom every time. 

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Still have questions?

Email me at¬†[email protected]¬†or let's hop on a quick call.

"I think that, most likely, I would've given up on my dream career had it not been for the work we did."
- Aspenyarrow, Singer-Songwriter