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Are You an Adrenaline Junkie?

Breakup came fast for us this year.⁣

In Alaska, spring, or “breakup” is a messy and unstable time of year. The frozen landscape literally breaks apart as it thaws and melts.⁣

Since we live on an island, the lake thaw means the end of easy transportation on our ice road and a slow transition back through the litany of vehicle options necessary here: snowmachines, skis, hovercrafts, and finally, gloriously... boat season.⁣

Getting home this time of year can be an adventure all by itself.⁣

This year, we opted to head outside for breakup. I’d never seen spring in the south and we were excited to relax in the North Carolina warmth.⁣

On the flight down, my seat neighbor struck up a conversation with the usual 'where are you from-ness.'⁣

As we got to talking, he asked how I managed to make a living in Alaska.⁣

I said, “I help people find careers they love. Usually the adventurous sort that want a job that fits with their lifestyle.”⁣

He piped up, “Well, you can't help me then. I hate my job but I’m not a mountaineer or anything close to that. And I'm too old for adventures.”⁣

Hmm... I didn't mention mountaineers, and what was this "too old" thing?⁣

I probed a little and asked him what dreams he had when he was young.⁣

And out came the most intense and awesome conversation.⁣

We talked about how he wanted to live in Mexico, old dreams of taking a motorcycle cross country, how he wanted to write a book in his 20s, and grow his own food, and on and on. But all of it, in his words, “was out of reach for a guy my age.”⁣


This guy couldn’t have been more than 35 or 36. I'm not kidding. Not a grey hair on his head.⁣

Who told him these myths about adventures?!?⁣

Who said they're only for the young?⁣

Who decided adventures equaled extreme sports?⁣

And worst of all who said they are EVER out of reach?⁣

This conversation really made me think about the word adventure, and especially what it means to you.⁣

Is it traveling to Alaska? Learning to play the mandolin? Starting a family? Leaving your six figure job to start that dream business?⁣

What do your adventures look like?⁣

The definition of adventurous is - "adjective: willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences."

What were you making it mean?

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