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Freedom | Authenticity | Integrity | Adventure | Purpose | Wilderness


A world where fulfilling work is as natural as breathing. 


I’m committed to changing the way we think about work for everyone.


Work should be a financially and emotionally prosperous avenue to not only fulfill our dreams and desires but also redirect our energy from just surviving to solving world problems so we can all thrive and rise together. I believe if everyone had work they loved, we would remedy all the world's crises within a decade. 


I believe we all deserve to do the work we find fulfilling, the work that matters to us, the work that matches our innate strengths and fulfills our dreams and desires. 

For me, all people means all people - regardless of size, shape, skin color, sexual orientation, neural ability, religion, socioeconomic or any other identity. I lead a firmly feminist, anti-racist and anti-diet company. I actively work to dismantle all systems of oppression, including punitive forms of coaching.

What this means for you is that I will not tolerate discrimination or disparaging of underprivileged or underrepresented communities, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, ableism, antisemitism,  xenophobia or other harmful systems of hierarchy, bias and imagined superiority. This includes from my clients, students, contractors or suppliers and above all myself. I am actively learning, working toward deeper awareness of my own privileges and editing my own language and beliefs accordingly. If you think I’m out of integrity, I want you to tell me so I can fix it.

It also means I don’t knowingly promote or work with companies which promote systems of oppression such as diet culture or ableism. I’m open for education, feedback and correction in any form.

I live and coach by the concept of yes/and. Yes, some circumstances are completely out of our control, and we can still maintain control over parts of our lives, even if it’s only .001%. Yes, you are part of a greater system you didn’t create and are not at fault for, and you can still maintain some degree of choice and ability to change your circumstances. My personal background includes experiences of violence, poverty, bias and abuse that I’ve done the work to heal. These experiences help me bring a sensitivity to my work that’s rooted in the deep understanding of the impact trauma can have on a person’s ability to excel much less dream of their future. Fulfilling work is irrelevant if your daily experience is traumatic and terrifying. I also acknowledge the unearned privilege I have and the blind spots it creates.

I believe fulfilling work shouldn’t be for the privileged few, it should be a human right for all people. 

It's my belief that having a job you hate or suffering through your workday negatively affects everything from your mental health and confidence, which impacts your performance and earning capacity, to your ability to show up in your relationships, care for yourself and contribute positively in the world. 

I also believe that working in a job you hate isn’t simply your failure as an individual. It’s not about your bad choices, your inability or your need to work harder; it’s a result of the culture and mindset that saturates our society. When I say fulfilling work, I mean fulfilling to you. Work that celebrates and uses your innate talents, aligns with your desires, provides adequate income and enriches your life. 

I’m not a guru. I believe in partnership. I am not the all-knowing expert on all things you. My role isn’t that of an expert or oracle over your life. YOU know you best. I’m here to work WITH you and share what I know. My job is to help you listen to your inner guidance, strengthen your confidence in yourself and cheer you on so you can pursue your dreams.

I also believe that the world is full of untapped talent and that positive change is possible for anyone (including you) . I do this work because I know the more people who love their work, work for causes they care about, the faster we can bring about the positive change we need in our world.



I believe in living in harmony with the earth, restoring land and preserving wilderness. My home and business are on traditional Denaʼina territory. In restoring individuals back to their natural talents, I hope to empower people to restore our balance with the land, people and ecosystems. 

As part of a commitment to intersectional environmentalism, I personally strive to reduce the waste in my household and business, including supply streams that preserve the environment and honor the rights and habitats of workers. 

Values-based Business Practices

  • I work to offer my courses, blog, website, and all content in multiple formats including audio, video and transcription to accommodate differing needs in learning and accessibility. This is an ongoing focus for my company. If you see an area I need to improve on, please email me and let me know.

  • I offer free and low-cost options for support, including my social accounts, email newsletter and free introductory content.

  • I provide payment plans at the same rate as pay-in-full rates when possible to increase financial accessibility.

  • I pay all of my contractors a living wage and prioritize diverse womxn-owned companies and companies with a social mission. 

Finding the work you love is an act of rebellion that will change the world

Honesty | Sustainability | Humility | Partnership | Dignity

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