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When Life Throws Obstacles on Your Trail

Here's the myth: people who life their dreams have limitless time, no kids, no interruptions, no medical crisis, no job layoffs, and they just sprawl around eating bonbons visualizing their next island cruise. ⁣

I hate to break it to you.

That's not the case. ⁣

Obstacles happen to everyone. But they don't have to derail you or be your excuse to give up your dream.⁣

I also know your life is packed - overstuffed with commitments. I know you're stretched and exhausted and really don't have anything left to give. (cue the tune "no more f's to give)⁣

It can feel like every time you get a foothold on your goal or dream, life throws some new catastrophe or distraction at you. You just can't catch a break. I get you. I am you. ⁣

Here's the trick I use when shit's rolling in. ⁣

The one minute rule. ⁣

Long ago, I decided to stop making excuses and instead relentlessly move toward the life I wanted no matter what. ⁣

I knew I could carve out one minute a day to remember my dream and think positively about it (that's about all the time and energy I had back then).⁣

I decided that every morning, I would spend at least one moment thinking about the future I wanted. That's it - 60 seconds and then I got on with my day.⁣

Personally, that minute is first thing in the morning, in the restroom. No one bothers me in there. (My heart goes out to the mom who can't pee alone yet, but I know you can find 60 seconds somewhere.) ⁣

Why it works: it starts building a habit of positive thought toward your goal - a foundation you can build on. ⁣

Give it a try this week. You'll be surprised how 1 minute turns into thinking about it while you do the dishes, during your commute, which turns into a weekend away, and eventually turns into a new life. ⁣

Pro tip - I have an alarm that reminds me. I use the Strides app. ⁣

Check it out and let me know how it goes. ⁣

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